Carnivore Arrows: Arrows for Hunting and Target

Since the inception of Black Eagle Arrows, the Carnivore has been a mainstay. Though we offer several types of arrows for bows, the Carnivore continues to be prevalent. As our flagship hunting/target carbon arrow, it's proven itself all around the world. As an award winning arrow, the Carnivore continues to be popular among hunters as well as those who enjoy indoor and outdoor archery.

As some of the best arrows for deer hunting, the Carnivore is known for its delivery speed from long distances. You'll be happy to have these during deer season. Year after year, the Carnivore continues to be the best carbon hunting arrow available. Our superior carbon technology is matched with our group together technology, making the Carnivore a must for every sportsman's quiver.
To see what spine is best for you, check out our Arrows Spine Chart. (Arrow Spine Chart) Be sure to check out our arrow safety information as well. (Arrow Safety)

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