Zombie Slayer

Crested Zombie Slayer Carbon Hunting Arrows

Our Zombie arrows are made for accuracy and penetration and are manufactured with the tightest +/- .001" straightness tolerances to ensure you never miss that critical head shot. The accuracy of these arrows make them some of the best arrows for hunting you'll find, but that's not the only reason they are a must have in your arsenal.

The unmatched durability of the Zombie arrows is guaranteed, as we test our shafts by shooting through pressure treated plywood and other materials. The durability allows you to reuse these arrows over and over again, which contributes to the effectiveness of your bow as an ideal survivor.

Black Eagle Arrow Zombie Slayer arrows are available in crested or fletched form. Our Zombie Slayer shafts are durable and designed for optimum performance. Here is Dan McCarthy's review of our Popular Zombie Slayer Arrow.

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Purchase Black Eagle Zombie Slayer Arrows today and never be disappointed with your arrows performance again.