Rampage Arrows .204 ID


Designed for superior long-distance performance, our Rampage arrows are some of the best hunting arrows on the market today. With spine-to-weight ratios creating a balance for optimal speed, kinetic energy and penetration perfect for long-range archery, these arrows are easily one of the best for maximizing your arrows front of Center (F.O.C) .

Rampage arrows feature an inner diameter of only .204, (AKA 5 MM) which is what provides the longer distances, but no durability was sacrificed in the making of these 100% carbon shafts. When looking for the best carbon hunting arrows, these award-winning arrows are sure to be at the top of the list, as they are the perfect shafts for any big game. Whether you're hunting for animals in Africa, Australia or anywhere in the world the Rampage arrows are a must for your quiver this season. The Rampage arrows are guaranteed to give you the accuracy that you desire.

For a premium performance that's durable, consistent, and reliable consider our Rampage carbon arrows.

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