Zombie Crossbow Hunting Arrows

Black Eagle Crossbows Arrows in the last 4 years have accounted for more World Championships in 3D Archery than all other arrow companies Combined!! FACT!! If you are looking for Superior Accuracy and dependability then look no further than the Executioner or Zombie Slayer crossbow arrows. Nearly ALL, if not ALL records in the ASA Archery tournament trail have been set and broke with Black Eagle Arrows!! It's easy to see why if you demand performance you should demand Black Eagle Crossbow Arrows!!

Our Zombie crossbows are stiffer than our popular Executioner arrows, allowing for better penetration. These carbon hunting arrows deliver when you're looking for an arrow capable of going a long distance to get the shot. You'll be using these carbon arrows the next time you go out to hunt for a trophy-size shot. Built for accuracy as well as penetration, these are the best crossbow hunting arrows with the tightest straightness tolerances on the market.

Their durability allows you to use them again and again, making for an ideal survival tool. All of our Zombie crossbow arrows are tested time and time again by shooting through ¾-inch pressure-treated wood and a variety of other materials.

You'll find exactly what you're looking for, with the option to choose between fletched arrows as well as shafts. Our Zombies are available in 18, 20 or 22-inch crossbow arrows.

Safety First

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  • Zombie Slayer Crossbow Fletched Arrows

    Zombie Slayer Crossbow Fletched Arrows

    Zombie Slayer CROSSBOW ARROWS   SOLD in 6pksThe Zombie Slayer Crossbow Fletched Arrows, the ultimate choice for zombie hunters. These arrows are specifically designed for crossbow shooting and feature incredible straightness options of .001 and ...

    $54.99 - $61.99
  • Zombie Slayer Crossbow Shafts

    Zombie Slayer Crossbow Shafts

    CROSSBOW SHAFTS   Quantity per pack 12The Zombie Slayer Crossbow Shafts, the ultimate ammunition for your crossbow game. These high-quality arrows are specifically designed to strike fear into the hearts of the undead. Available in two lengths, 20...

2 of 2 Items