Zombie Slayer Crossbow Shafts

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The Zombie Slayer Crossbow Shafts, the ultimate ammunition for your crossbow game. These high-quality arrows are specifically designed to strike fear into the hearts of the undead. Available in two lengths, 20 and 22, these durable shafts are built to withstand the toughest battles. Crafted with precision, they ensure accurate shooting and successful zombie elimination. The Zombie Slayer Crossbow Shafts are uniquely designed for maximum penetration and impact, making them the perfect choice for those seeking to conquer the zombie apocalypse. Upgrade your arsenal today and become the ultimate Zombie Slayer.
Safety First

.001" "Straightness or Straighter ONLY
± 1 Grain Weight Tolerance

SHAFTS require components and are sold that way for complete customization.

These shafts work with MOST ALL major manufacturer crossbows!! Check your crossbow manual for arrow weight minimums to make sure you do not void your warranty.

Length Inner Diameter Outer Diameter GPI
18" .300" .346" 9.1
20" .300" .346" 9.1
22" .300" .346" 9.1

Hot Melt is NOT recommended for use with Black Eagle Arrow shafts.
NO Cleaner for Outside or Inside the shaft is recommended! Use Q-Tip or Paper towel.


19 Reviews

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    Bolt Shafts

    Posted by Allen on Oct 6th 2022

    Awesome for creating your own custom bolts. Built bolts for a Wicked Ridge RDX 400 using Ten Points Alpha Nock system, Bohning 3.5" Xvane, and SEVR heads. My total bolt weight is 505gr. Crossbow is quieter and the thump effect hitting the target is impressvie.

  • 5

    Posted by Dave passon on Aug 5th 2022

    I called when I only got half my order and they told me they would take care of it right away it was nice to talk to a live person and he actually knew first guys that called me earlier in week lol great job

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    XBow Zombie Slayer Shafts

    Posted by FBerg on Feb 10th 2022

    Excellent shaft overall. The consistency throughout the batch is extremely tight. Each shaft was spine indexed and there was only one the was .002 deflection greater that the rest when indexing....and that is so minor it just makes it hard to find the high/low side when the shafts are that uniform. I have seen that lately in both the Zombie Slayer and the Executioner shafts and that is the reason these are the best on the market.

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    Zombie slayer crossbow shafts

    Posted by Raymond Kummer on Aug 26th 2021

    Great arrows

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    Customer review

    Posted by Jared Nicholson on Jul 19th 2021

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    Zombie Slayer Shafts

    Posted by FBerg on Apr 8th 2021

    These are excellent shafts for a high power crossbow like a Ravin 29X or 500. They come packaged very well. If you have the cutting tools I suggest you purchase a longer shaft the cut/square both ends. Just an excellent shaft.....from an excellent company.

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    Customer review

    Posted by Charles Forbis on Dec 9th 2020

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    Posted by tl on Nov 8th 2020

    I want to start out with what a great place to shop and get complete satisfaction. Fast shipping. Quality merchandise and really fast shipping. Great folks who step up and have outstanding customer service. I will shop here more now that i know how great they are.

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    Best made Crossbow Bolt

    Posted by Richard T. Hunter on Aug 24th 2020

    I recently purchased Zombie Slayer Crossbow shafts to fletch, glue inserts and nock myself. I always check the end cuts for squareness, lenght measurements, and weight. To my suprise they were all exact. That is what a great flying arrow starts with is the tolarence that is perfect from the box. The arrows fly great from my crossbow. I am excited for the upcoming bow season. Thanks for an excellent product.

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    Excellent product as always

    Posted by Rustin Nobinger on Sep 29th 2019

    Great products!!! All within .5 grains and very straight. Only company I’ll order arrows from.

  • 5

    Posted by Christopher Braddy on Aug 31st 2019

    I have heard nothing but good things about these shafts. I am in the process of making two sets of bolts now and from what I can tell so far these will be some of the best arrows I’ve built ever using these shafts.

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    Zombie Slayer crossbow shafts

    Posted by Larry Howell on Dec 11th 2018

    Great people to order from and got my order very fast. Best bolts for hunting made