Renegade Arrows .204 ID

Renegade: Long Range Hunting Arrows

The Renegade arrows are 100% carbon hunting arrows that are designed for hunters who want a supremely accurate, small-diameter value price arrow that's also incredibly durable. Its the best .204 ID arrow out there today, as its the only one with .005" or better straightness in its price class. Engineered to eliminate crosswind drift, they are the perfect long-range hunting arrows to ensure penetration.

The flight characteristics of these durable shafts ensure maximum power down range, so if you're in need of deer hunting arrows, these are perfect for you. These hard-hitting carbon arrows come standard with our stainless steel, bone-crushing half-out, further making them ideal arrows for hunting. The durability and price of the Renegade arrow is what sets it apart from similar ID arrows coupled with our market leading spine sorting, straightness testing and weigh sorting in every dozen makes these arrows a sure winner.

These hard hitting carbon arrows come standard with our stainless steel bone crushing half-out

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