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Black Eagle Stainless Outsert Instinct

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Quantity per pack 12

These stainless steel outserts have been tested and designed by experienced hunters and target archers to ensure maximum penetration and performance. If you are looking for maximum penetration and shot after shot performance then the deadly combination of the Instinct Outsert and shaft are sure to be a hit!

The Instinct Outserts Weight: 100 Grains

To install the outsert.

  1. Select the right outsert for the right shaft.
  2. Dry fitting is recommended on all components. Slide Outserts over shaft and spin test (if you prefer)
  3. If Outserts does not fit that is OK. Get some 100 Grit sand paper and lightly sand the shaft in a circular motion until the outsert fits snug on shaft. Start slowly so you don't remove to much off the arrow.
  4. Wipe dust off of the shaft with Clean paper towel. (No Cleaners are recommended)
  5. Again, Spin test to ensure concentricity. Rotating outsert until it spins perfect.
  6. Use a Silver or Black Sharpie and mark the Shaft and the Outsert for perfect alignment once glue is applied.
  7. We have tested Our fletching glue, insert/outsert glue and epoxy and all of them work great.
  8. Apply a even amount of glue around the shaft to ensure the glue channels get enough glue in them to hold.
  9. Once The outsert is glued on stand the arrow on the nock end to dry.


5 Reviews

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    My Favorite Point System

    Posted by Wildman on Jul 15th 2021

    An EXCELLENT point system. Super Tough, perfect weight, (for those who wish a heavier F.O.C. ), AND, aesthetically, superior ! These stainless-steel outserts are FAR better than anything else I have tried by ANY other manufacturer; and, as an 8-year fletcher, I have tried a few ! I cut my shafts to 29-inches; thus, I prefer The .003 Deep Impact Shaft. I have found that the 6.00 I.D. Outsert, (500 Spine) works the best with the .400 spine weight. The extra .003 inch-difference from the 400 Spine, (aluminum 5.97 I.D.), outsert, has proven negligible. Just a light-touch-sanding of the shaft-end might be required; occasionally. I hope this review was helpful to others.

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    Posted by Jamie Loker on Mar 29th 2021

    Fast shipping

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    Customer review

    Posted by Mark Washtock on Jul 23rd 2020

    I like the outsert fine ,the only issue is that it is hard to find on your web site It is not under part repacment or addons below where you purchase the instinct arrows would make extra them if with the m knocks or feathers or points I had to do a search to find if you even sold them separately

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    Customer review

    Posted by James Mende on May 6th 2020

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    Posted by Dillen Cooper on Apr 4th 2020

    Never received my product