Carnivore Fletched Arrows
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Black Eagle Arrows

Carnivore Fletched Arrows

$67.99 - $75.99
Sold in 6 Packs

Introducing the Black Eagle Carnivore Fletched Arrows, designed for superior accuracy and performance. These arrows boast exceptional straightness options, featuring (.001 Straightness, .003 Straightness) for precise and consistent flight trajectories. With a variety of available spine options (250 Spine, 300 Spine, 350 Spine, 400 Spine, 30/50), you can choose the perfect match for your bow and shooting style. Crafted by the renowned brand, Black Eagle, these arrows ensure durability and reliability. Whether you are a professional or an avid archer, the Carnivore Fletched Arrows are the ideal choice for hitting your target with deadly precision.

Safety first

.001"& .003" Straightness or Straighter
± 1 Grain Weight Tolerance
32" Shaft Length

  • Black Eagle Arrows Standard Nock - Black-8 Grains
  • Carnivore Inserts - 14 Grains
  • 2" Vanes | White, Red - 18 Grains
  • Required: Points
Don't forget extra components


Not sure what size is right for you. Check out our sizing chart.

Spine Inner Diameter Outer Diameter GPI
250 .2445" .303" 9.7
300 .2445" .296" 8.5
350 .2445" .291" 7.5
400 .2445" .287" 6.8

Hot Melt is NOT recommended for use with Black Eagle Arrow shafts.
NO Cleaner for Outside or Inside the shaft is recommended! Use Q-Tip or Paper towel.

Full Description
  • Description
    Sold in 6 Packs

    Introducing the Black Eagle Carnivore Fletched Arrows, designed for superior accuracy and performance. These arrows boast exceptional straightness options, featuring (.001 Straightness, .003 Straightness) for precise and consistent flight trajectories. With a variety of available spine options (250 Spine, 300 Spine, 350 Spine, 400 Spine, 30/50), you can choose the perfect match for your bow and shooting style. Crafted by the renowned brand, Black Eagle, these arrows ensure durability and reliability. Whether you are a professional or an avid archer, the Carnivore Fletched Arrows are the ideal choice for hitting your target with deadly precision.

    Safety first

    .001"& .003" Straightness or Straighter
    ± 1 Grain Weight Tolerance
    32" Shaft Length

    • Black Eagle Arrows Standard Nock - Black-8 Grains
    • Carnivore Inserts - 14 Grains
    • 2" Vanes | White, Red - 18 Grains
    • Required: Points
    Don't forget extra components


    Not sure what size is right for you. Check out our sizing chart.

    Spine Inner Diameter Outer Diameter GPI
    250 .2445" .303" 9.7
    300 .2445" .296" 8.5
    350 .2445" .291" 7.5
    400 .2445" .287" 6.8

    Hot Melt is NOT recommended for use with Black Eagle Arrow shafts.
    NO Cleaner for Outside or Inside the shaft is recommended! Use Q-Tip or Paper towel.

  • Reviews




    Great product quality! Exactly as described and fast shipping! Getting them cut tomorrow an will see how they shoot! So far very pleased!
    Michael Kurtowicz

    Carnivore Arrows

    By for the most consistent arrows I have used! Quality is amazing and most are straighter than advertised! Highly recommended!
    Douglas Bullington

    Black Eagle Carnivores

    Absolutely Great Product. Will be purchasing again.

    Carnivore arrows

    Great product. Have used these for several years and have never been disappointed.
    Dustin Howard

    Carnivore arrows

    Great performing arrows. I have no problems with them and were received very fast after ordering them.
    Jamie Loker


    I have used these arrows for several years and yet to find another company that makes a shaft as durable, accurate and a company with customer service as great at Black Eagle!
    Gary McLaughlin

    Carnivore 250 .003

    I have shot Gold Tip, Sirius, Victory, and DCA shafts for a long time with the majority being GT and Sirius. I tried BE a few years ago as they were the only .250 spine that had the proper GPI I was looking for to get my 500 gr TAW and 16%+ FOC out of my setup. They have been rock solid. I beat the shit out of them and they bounce right back. I do not run a footer/collar system and have been beyond abusive to these shafts with no issues. I have probably used 18 over the last few years and the only reason they fail is losing them or shooting another arrow through them. My only complaint is that you can not buy single shafts or at least a half dozen of unfletched. Also OFFER OPTIONS FOR CUSTOM FLETCHING IN HOISE AT A REASONABLE RATE! People will buy them!


    I have shot your arrows for several years and absolutely love them. They are A very durable and great hunting arrow. Love your products keep up the great work

    Carnivore Arrow

    Was introduced to this arrow on a comment from a hunting buddy. Superior quality is about all I can say. Works perfectly with a simple 50 grain insert to adjust FOC. Makes a clean pass through on a kill every time so far.


    Carnivores are great arrows that are very tough, light, and consistent. I need that in a 250 spine for my 80lb bow. Great arrows!
    William Henderson

    Carnivore arrows

    Great timing and great quality!
    Jason Swanson

    Customer review

    Very fast shipping!! Arrows look great and shoot awesome!! Can’t wait for deer season!!

    carnivore fletched

    Quick delivery as expected. love my carnivores, been using them for years.
    Bob Mitchell

    Best Service Around

    Super Fast Shipping with top quality arrows
    Randy B Reece

    Arrow Purchases

    Outstanding customer service! My order was taken and shipped the same day and arrived 2 days faster than anticipated. Very pleased customer.
    Loretta Hardbarger

    1 star

    I still have not received my order even though the email said it was delivered 4 days ago
    John Nickell

    Carnivore arrows

    Best hunting arrows ever, always guality products
    Justin C.

    Great Arrows!

    Iv been shooting these arrows for several years now. They have become my go to arrow and shopping with BEA has been nothing short of a great experience!
    Robert Leibhart

    Carnivore arrows

    Carnivores are the best arrow I have shot. Tolerances are fantastic, and they fly like darts.
    Urruty, Vincent

    Customer review

    Review body is empty
    Tyler Groesbeck

    Flys True

    Straight shooting good grouping arrow right out the box
    Robert Leibhart

    Great products!

    I switched over to Black Eagle arrows a few years ago and never looked back. They are by far the best arrows on the market today.
    Robert Graham

    Very good

    Everything was great

    Buy them

    Great, durable arrows. Highly recommend. Quit looking at reviews and buy them
    John Nickell


    Always excellent products, have not received yet, tied up with UPS
    Tracy Wilson


    superior service and absolutely the BEST arrows out there!!!
    Dale BENTLEY

    Carnivore fletched arrows

    Great product
    dyke hudson

    carnivore arrows

    I like the spine and the weight for a faster arrow
    Jeff Searcy

    black eagle arrows

    made the order on-line, received the arrows, cut the arrows, installed the 42 inserts, shot the arrow thru bow. Everything perfect. shot 2 hogs. life is great.
    Dakota Young

    Haven’t received anything

    When I ordered the arrows it said that I would get them on 9/21/20 (yesterday). I have yet to receive the arrows. I would like to know what happened because season is coming up and I need arrows.
    Scott Hadley

    Best Arrows/Best customer service!

    What else can I say? A Black Eagle purchase leaves nothing to be desired. Excellent product backed by perfect customer service. You cannot go wrong with Black Eagle!!
    Brian Kightlinger

    Super As Always

    Great Job! Amazing arrows.
    Michael Rodgers

    Customer review

    Always fast and reliable service. Great product!
    Jonathan Gissendaner


    This is my second order of Carnivores. I have been very happy with my results so far. I plan on being a BE customer for awhile. Thx
    Justin Mattes


    Can’t review the product because I am still waiting for them to arrive. Hmmm
    Caleb Willard

    Lost in the mail

    The website is great but i wish items had been shipped with someone other than usps. My package seems to be doing circles around the south and now doesnt even gibe an expected arrival date. Hopefully they will update my tracking soon.
    Devin Davis

    Customer review

    Review body is empty
    Michael Rocha

    What I expected

    Friends have used these for the past couple years, thought I’d try them. Not disappointed!
    jeremy lee

    Excellent as always

    Great customer service and super fast shipping and amazing product.
    Rustin Nobinger

    Great as always

    Items shipped within hours of being ordered the same day. Arrived quickly and packaged well. The arrows themselves were all straight and the tolerances were tight as well. Couldn't ask for better.
    John Russell

    Customer review

    Review body is empty
    Austin Peck

    Amazing arrows

    Received my arrows within 5 days of order. Packaged really well. No knicks, burrs, or cracks. Had them cut same day and started shooting. Group amazingly, shoot straight, and were hitting the target hard. Will definitely buy more
    Brandon Lopez

    Shipping, ETA, arrows

    fantastic shipping time, arrows shoot like lazers. Love it!
    Ernie edwards

    The best arrows I’ve ever shot.

    I’ve shot Black Eagle Arrows for going on 5 years. I shoot a good bit of hogs here in Florida with these arrows and have had nothing but great success with the durability of these arrows. Hogs are very tuff animals and you need to be able to put a perfectly arrow into the vitals. These arrows fly perfect every time allowing great success while in the field.
    Justin Thompson

    Customer review

    Review body is empty
    Charlie Palmer


    Iv just started shooting my new black eagle carnivores today. I can already tell they are the best arrows I have used to date. I was turned on to your arrows by the ranch fairy. 250 spine. 265g tuffhead , 100g brass with a custome 115g stainless mansert to back it all. 816g total. These arrows are stupid accurate. Thank you. I will definitely be a repeat customer.
    David Allen

    Superior customer service

    Website is easy to navigate. I had my new arrows within 3 or 4 days after I placed my order.
    Kyle Tolosano

    Customer review

    Easy to order. Fast shipping, excellent products
    Paul Gamber

    As Advertised

    Great hunting arrow.
    William Weeks

    Customer review

    This is my second time purchasing the Black Eagle Carnivore Fletched Arrows and I'm very satisfied with them. I'm also very satisfied with the turn around time of shipping its awesome. I will be ordering more shortly.
    Charles Forbis

    Recent order

    Excellent product, fast order fullfillment
    Chuck Tyler

    Quality Arrows

    I have just switched to Blackeagle carnivore arrows, I have been shooting Victory arrows for many years and was ready to try something different. I was intreaged by the lighter weight and great reviews so I finally made the switch and am very pleased with the results this far. I have picked up a few fps which is good for 3D and have dialed in out to 60yds so far and grouping very well. Hunting season is over so I will have to wait to see how they hold up for that, but as of now I'm convinced they will hold up to the task. Great job Black Eagle on a quality arrow.
    Christopher Whittaker


    No better arrows, no better company, no faster shipping
    Dustin W

    Hunting and 3d arrows

    Use these as my main arrow for hunting and 3d. Super strong arrow that holds up very well. Received in 2 days from order!
    Kenny Minor

    Best arrows

    I've shot alot of different arrows Black eagle is far the best They group within 2 inches at 60 yards And fast delivery and great customer service
    Chris Hirsch

    Great Value

    These are an awesome arrow for the money. Super happy with their performance.


    Great product
    W. B.

    Perfect arrow for me!

    This is the Perfect arrow for my set up! The packaging and set up out of the box is awesome. They come with great blazer vanes and nocks installed. This is my 3rd year shooting this arrow and I love them. I use them for both hunting and target shooting.
    Douglas B.

    Black Eagle Carnivores

    Absolutely love these arrows. This is my 5th dozen that I have ordered now. Order them and they are on my door step within a very short few days. Thanks again for a Great Product and Great Customer Service.
    Brad Northway

    Customer review

    Review body is empty
    Michael Streeter

    Amazing Arrows! Amazing Price!

    These arrows are amazing!!! The best shooting arrows I have shot (compared to Easton, Carbon Express) I bought the .003” tolerance at first and not one arrow was off! I actually hit 3 arrows on top of each other. So I bought the .001” tolerance for my hunting arrows! I will not buy any other arrow but Black Eagle anymore! Why pay double?? Why pay for a “Name Brand”?? Black Eagle is the name brand I will trust and continue to give my business to as long as I’m shooting bow!! Only thing I wish, is that you could receive promo codes every now and then, I’d have a bag full of arrows all the time and buy more!!
    Bryan Busse

    Great Arrows

    I really like these arrows, strong and accurate
    Aaron Bettner

    Black Eagle Carnivore Arrows

    The arrows are exactly what I ordered. Shoot great and arrived quickly!
    John Nickell


    Best arrows on the market
    Mervin Senters

    Top Notch

    After my order I received notification and confirmation of the order, then shortly after that I received a notification saying it was packaged and ready to ship out. Received my arrows, hat and decal 2 days after I ordered. Excellent product and excellent shipping and excellent communication. The best from THE BEST.
    Carl Phillips

    Customer review

    Review body is empty
    Michael Lemanski- Owner of Harvest Time Outdoors!

    Amazing products and amazing staff!

    I order 3-4 dozen arrows a year from BEA, every time it’s nothing short of impressive. Great products, great company and personable staff!
    Gordon Wedin


    Absolutely love my black eagle arrows. Nothing else compared to them .. recommend them to everyone from hunting to target shooters
    Scott doseck


    I recently ordered some arrows and recieved a confirmation email with-in seconds of my order. In the same day I recieved another email that my arrows had shipped and I recieved them in 2 days! I did not have express delivery, I just had the BEST customer service EVER!! My order was confirmed, processed and delivered in less than 48 hours. I have been shooting Black Eagle for years! I am an avid hunter and true outdoorsman. These arrows are true and field proven to provide a clean kill while harvesting an animal. I hunt with other outdoorsmen of whom are U.S. military. Black Eagle has always been supportive of our troops and all the forces as well as fire fighters and police. Black Eagle Arrows; THANK YOU for your discipline in quality and community minded support for sportsmen alike. Your customer service and quality is next to none. I am a "FOREVER CUSTOMER" and I am looking forward to sharing my experiences with my children along side Black Eagle Arrows for years to come!
    John Nickell


    Best quality arrows on the market. Best customer service ever Best delivery time ever, got them in 1 day!!!! Totally freaking awesome
    Kevin Criddle

    Great arrows

    I love the arrow options that black eagle offers. Something for everyone!
    James Williams

    Love these arrows!

    I try others and keep coming back for more Carnivores! Love them!

    Fly great

    Very happy.
    Thomas McIntosh

    Customer review

    Review body is empty
    Hunter James

    Excellent service

    Ordering was very easy, shipping was very fast. For the price the arrows high end. Will order from black eagle from now on.

    Great arrows

    Great durable arrows with excellent customer service would recommend to anyone
    Chandler Miesen

    Best shooting arrows I’ve ever used!

    I’ve shot a lot of different arrows looking for the best, and every company I’ve ever shot comes with a dud or two, or just plain don’t shoot good at all. Not these Black Eagles! They all come out of the box shooting straight and tight groups every time. Won’t ever shoot a different company’s arrow!
    Justin C

    Carnivore Arrows

    Flying great! Can’t wait to use them in the field! Quick shipping. Arrows were on my porch within 24 hours of ordering!
    Kenny Lainhart

    Customer review

    Been shooting blk Eagle arrows for years and will put them up against any arrow on the market, and customer service is outstanding fast shipments and willing to help, that goes along way with a guy like me!!!!
    Josh Wright

    Perfect arrows

    Love these arrows. They fly perfect and look great. Missed my target and went thru 1/2 inch plywood and the arrow is fine.
    Kerry Neumann


    Outstanding product, repeat customer. Quick mail delivery in 2-3 days.
    Cav Riley

    Really Great, Affordable Arrows

    They lived up to everything that the description stated, straight and tru. Very happy with the product.
    Dewayne Hollingsworth


    excellent service and craftsman it's time to put them on a deer.
    Jim Perez

    Carnivores 400

    Good quality most of team shoots your arrows so pleased with my purchase Teamtap titanium archery products Jim
    Brad Rowden

    Customer review

    Review body is empty

    Great as always

    Great product as always, super quick shipping, great service!
    Brian Flanagan

    Customer review

    Great arrow
    Tom Kaiser

    Customer review

    Review body is empty
    Dean Moloney

    Carnivore cant be beat

    Love my carnivores, straightest arrows on the market and vary durable
    Ryan Cain

    Fastest shipping and receiving ever

    Love the arrows. I’ve tried the Outlaw, Spartan. This is my first go with carnivor. Needed the strong spine but not too big of a diameter and a good price. Arrows hold up super well!!
    Don Williams

    The best bears repeating

    2nd batch of fletched Carnivores, getting them set up with broad heads for upcoming hunting trip. Quality at a great price!
    Jose Ghio


    High quality materials, best service.

    Beat hunting arrows on the market

    These will be turkey killers this year.
    Shawn Gallagher


    Needed a stiffer arrow for a high poundage bow. These didnt disappoint. Two hours after I ordered they were already shipped. Awesome job Black Eagle!
    Kevin Bergeron

    Customer review

    Review body is empty

    Carnivore arrows

    Ordered on a Monday evening after my 3d league shoot and had them a day earlier than I thought. Good communication on shipping and payment throughout the process.

    carnivore fletched

    a repeat xmas gift that will be sure to satisfy.
    Logan Young

    Arrows wrong

    I specified in my order for arrows to be cut to 28”. I received them and they were not cut. Very disappointed y’all couldn’t follow that.

    Carnivore Review

    Great looking arrows and very fast! Looking forward to the next 3D shoot and then into the woods we'll go!
    Drew Shanks


    I have used the Carnivores for hunting over the past few years and they have been great! Great flying arrow and very durable. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anybody!
    john nickell


    Top quality arrows, fastest service ever, best ever staff!!!!!!!
    Jonathan Gissendaner


    This is my 3rd order for these arrows and I won't shoot any others!
    Patrick McClain

    Love your Arrows

    Awesome Arrows, Awesome Service! Can’t wait to turn them red!
    Kyle Bergeron

    Carnivore 300

    Best arrows I've used they fly straight and true
    Dean Smith

    Carnivore 350 .001

    Awesome arrows and I want to Thank Randy for hooking me up with some Black Eagle window stickers. Great consumer service.
    John Collins

    Carnivore arrows

    Great products and awesome customer service. Highly recommend Black Eagle Arrows.
    Case Covington


    Awesome service!
    Kyle Bergeron

    Carnivore 300

    Great arrow flies true and straight
    Vincenzo Falco

    Carnivore arrows

    Just tried the Carnivore arrows for the first time, I have been shooting them about a week now, and I am very happy with them, I plan in buying more, and also trying the zombie slayers, I think they will be easy to see on 3d shoots since they are so bright
    Hunter Muller

    Customer review

    Fast shipping! Arrows always shoot straight from my bow and I’ve never had a deer snap an arrow. Been a shiotingbthe carnivores for three years and have no plans on changing!
    Stephen Lippert

    Best in The Business

    Best shooting arrow by far! I've shot 4 or 5 different brand of arrows. These are the most consistent arrows ever! True arrow withers a great flight pattern. I have to shoot at different spots on the target every time or I will Robin Hood them. Super fast delivery! I do recommend using Black Eagle Arrow Glue for inserts. Bonds the best!
    Joshua Wittemeyer

    Best hunting arrows on the market

    I have used about every brand of arrow. Nothing is better the carnivores, fast shipping, great customer service and always a quality product.
    George Gott

    Customer review

    Review body is empty
    Glendal French


    I have shot a lot of different arrow brands and these might be the best arrows I have tried. Great product
    john nickell


    Best arrows ever
    Michael Reinfeldt

    Fast shipping no problems

    shipped fast, no problems
    Mike Miller


    The arrows some to shoot straiter and have smoother flight than my carbon express arrows. My only complaint would be some fletching starts to get weak and pull off of the arrow. However, it’s easily corrected with some super glue. I’m still a beginner at this, so I my opinion could be be a little scewed

    Carnivore aarows

    Shipping was exceptionally fast. Arrows came in great condition. Arrows shot amazingly well.
    Mike Cullison


    Shopping and transaction of the arrows was perfect, very smooth process and efficient shipping. Arrows, as expected are performers!

    fast shipping

    Great arrows and super fast shipping.
    Cody West

    Always the best

    I’ve never had any problems and never expect to have any
    Efton Green

    Hunting arrows

    The website is easy to navigate and also just as easy to shop from. Orders are sent out super quick. I feel like it's the best arrow that money can buy. Believe me when I say this animals in my neck of the woods hate blackeagel!

    These arrows are the absolute best

    I have shot these arrows for over a year now and they are very strong and fly perfectly. The 250 spine is a perfect match for 80Lb limbs. I also ordered them online and I RECIEVED them the next day. I do not know how they got them to me so quickly but it was very much appreciated.
    Jonathan Gissendaner


    The products and customer service is second to none. Thx
    jean-paul giasson

    Carnivore Fletched

    Le produit est excellent , mais le montant des douanes est très élevé ($40,00can)
    lee palmer

    Customer review

    Great shooting arrow
    Robert S

    Great arrows!

    Couldn't be happier. I have a set of 400's and just received a set of 350's for my son in time for a 3D shoot . He hit the bullseye, I hit his arrow. Time to find a 350 for him
    john littlefield

    Customer review

    Review body is empty
    Mark Myers

    Awesome arrows

    I love the fact that I can get these arrows in two different straightness for different purposes and budgets. Great all around arrow
    Lucas Gunther

    Great arrow

    Been shooting these arrows for about 6 Montha now and they arrows are straight, consistent, and durable. Awesome arrow for an awesome price!
    Tony Dollar

    Carnivore 350/.001

    I use my carnivore in competition and in hunting they fly true and hit hard
    greg combs

    Customer review

    Review body is empty
    Greg Goodman

    Quick to my door!

    I am very happy with the fast shipment of the arrows! Black Eagle arrows have been nothing short of amazing with quality and the ordering process is easy! I will shoot nothing else!
    Pablo Sanchez

    Awesome Arrow

    Arrows got to the east coast in 3 days, and grouped like nothing I’d shot before. Will definitely continue shooting black eagle!
    george spencer

    Customer review

    Review body is empty
    Lynwood Roy

    Carnivore 350

    Great experience shopping and even faster service and shipping. Ordered on a Monday afternoon and the arrows arrived Wednesday afternoon. Assembled inserts and weight tested each shaft, only one shaft was 1 grain heavier than the remaining 11. Great grouping out to 50 yards. I am a happy bowhunter. Thanks Black Eagle.
    brian mcfaddin


    Good choice for a hunting arrow!
    Jonathan Shea


    Excellent quality as always

    Buy them already

    Tough arrows that fly great. Will buy them again when I need more.
    James Yourishin

    Customer Service

    Terrific business to be a customer of. All expectations met. Would definitely return and recommend to all bow shooters.
    dirty dozen baraboo chapter

    great arrows

    .001 tolerance is all i ever will accept. being a machinist perfection is always on my mind and these arrows deliver.

    Great product

    I have been shooting Black Eagle arrows for over a year. Great product at a great price.
    Phil Cifuni

    Customer review

    Review body is empty
    Pat Bookmiller

    Quality like always

    Still the same quality and customer care since day one. Glad to say I have been on staff and shooting these arrows since the beginning. Have to thank Jason for getting a hold of me to try out Black Eagle Arrows when they started up!
    David Traenkner

    Awesome Perfect Shipping - Accurate and Fast

    My orders always arrive quickly and the product is never damaged. Best arrows I've ever used. And all the people I let try some are hooked. The .001" carnivores compound bow arrows and .001" zombie slayer bolts are like shooting lasers and last. I recommend to get some extra glue for the fletching on the bolts, b/c occasionally one will come off upon deer pass through. I've done the math though... I shoot out of my compound bow: 62'lb draw., 28" 350 spine carnivore arrows. w/ 100grain broadheads.... and the Kinetic Energy upon impact is 1/2 that of a 20 zombie slayer bolt" w/ a 125grain broadhead. Meaning... it's understandable that crossbow bolt fletching may come off periodically w/ pass through. All bolts have the same issue. But my zombie slayer bolts are dead on accurate w/ repeatable 1" groups at 60yards (using a tripod to sight the crossbow in). Compound bow shots are hitting exactly where I'm shooting
    tony girt

    Customer review

    Review body is empty
    Andy Keeton


    Bought a set of carnivores and were at my door within 3 days. They are the best arrows money can buy I won't shoot anything else.
    Craig Harvey

    Quality product and fast shipping

    Order was submitted and product was received 2 days later.
    Mark Harrison


    As always great customer service with fast shipping and great arrows!
    alan higley


    These arrows are sharp looking and the name inspires people to buy. They are also flawless in flight and design
    Cody West

    I’m never disappointed

    The shopping is super easy, the arrows are some of the best I’ve ever shot, and the shipping is really really fast.
    Robert Pignatelli

    Hunting Arrows

    Great Arrows, fast service and a great company to deal with for Arrows of all types.
    Nathan Sanford

    No inserts

    Opened box today there was not any inserts. Will you please send me some. Thanks
    loren lohr

    Carnivore Fletched Arrows

    The whole dozen spun true, as all of my Black Eagle arrows always have. With the several dozen Black Eagle arrows that I have received, I have never had to weed any out of a dozen from spin testing like other brands that I have used .
    jason kidd


    First off, the arrows came quickly in the mail, and as always the quality is un matched, I've been shooting BLACK EAGLE for years and will continue to do so!
    Eric Wagaman


    Great product. Quick shipping.
    Back woods guy

    Great arrows...and glue!

    I shoot full length 32" arrows at 73 lbs. These carnivores are the only arrows I've found in 20 years of bowhunting that shoot right for me. Also, I bought a tube of their insert cement two years ago, and the bottle still works! I used it for this year's dozen arrows. Well worth the $7.
    casey wise

    good quality

    Alway great quality and fast delivery. When I didn't get they right stuff in my box they made it right. To me that's a awesome company to deal with. I very much like shooting black eagle arrows!
    William Butts

    Awesome Arrow- top notch service!!

    I love the Black Eagle, Carnivore arrows. I have been shooting these for 3 years and shot 3 good deer. My experience with their customer service has been excellent. Shipped quickly and was package very well. Arrows arrived on time with o damage.
    Jim Kinslow

    Great Hunting Arrow

    Phenomenal arrows that hit hard and work fantastic in multiple hunting setups!
    Mike Vertina


    Excellent arrows. They fall exactly in the weight range I look for.
    HD Luers

    Best Combination of Speed and Penetration

    These are GREAT arrows! From the time I placed my order to when I was notified my order was shipped was 2.5 hours. Free Shipping too. Building Them Better, Priced Better, Doing It Better! That's why I shoot Black Eagle Arrows!
    Matt Sheterom

    Awesome Arrows

    Amazing service and shipping with Black Eagle Arrows!
    ERIC .


    When I placed my order with Wendi Barker she treated me with the up most respect and made me feel as I was the most important order she would have all day. The Black Eagle team was quick with the order and sent great products, it reassured me that I made the right choice by becoming a dealer for them.
    Bruce Powell

    Hit the mark

    As always customer service was perfect. I ordered Tuesday night about 7 and they were not n the porch Friday morning. Had them cut and was shooting Saturday. Great job as always.
    Logan Orrick

    Awesome Arrows

    I have been shooting the Carnivores for a good while now, and I recommend them to anyone! Great arrows for hunting, or the competition shooter.
    Tony Dollar

    Carnivore 350/.001

    Luv my arrows true flight quick delivery right to my door
    jimmy Symons

    Just awesome

    I love working with this company. Prompt ,Fast shipment ,Fair pricing for a great product .


    I am very pleased with all of the 100% carbon arrows line. They be have been very dependable for me. Thank You
    Michael Forrester

    Speedy shipping

    Hoping to shoot some of them tonight. Thanks for the speedy service. Arrows look great
    Joshua Gibson

    Great service

    Awesome product! Shipped quickly! Great arrows!!
    paul curmi


    Ordered at 9 am shipped 2 hours last got on my doorstep 2 days later awesome experience
    Cody West

    Awesome service

    Really really good arrows with great service. Fast shipping.
    David Traenkner

    Order filled quick. Shipped fast. Perfect 10!

    Order filled quick. Shipped fast. Perfect 10!
    Bill Beatty

    Best Hunting Arrows Ever!!

    Purchased the BE Carnivores in 250 spine/9.7 gpi for my 80lb bow and 300 spine/8.5 for my 70lb all around bow. These arrows are flat shooting, extremely fast, structurally strong and possess great deep penetration properties. And at .001 straightness they are inherently dead on target. Never have I shot arrows like these. Will order more immediately. Oh by the way the shipping was nothing short of amazing (within hours of ordering), arrows arrived two days later. Great product and and awesome customer service will keep me a customer forever. B Beatty
    Anthony Hart

    First Black Eagle Arrows

    This is my first set of Black Eagle Arrows... and DEFINITELY will not be my last. Bought them on a Thursday morning, they shipped 2 hours later. They arrived on my doorstep Saturday morning. They have an un matched fit and feel... and they are incredibly light. I cannot wait to shoot a 3D shoot with them and outperform my old arrows! Love them!!
    john nickell

    Carnivore arrows

    Fast service I always get my order within 2 days Excellent products and prices and service BEA and staff are awesome!!!!!

    Quick Shipping / Accurate Product

    I placed the order for my Carnivore arrows online. The arrows shipped out the same day and arrived at my house a few days later. And please note that I picked standard shipping. Very happy w/ the ordering and shipping process. And even more happy w/ my new arrows :)
    Tony Dollar

    Carnivore 350/.001

    Awsome arrows true flight and durable
    Jason Ritter


    Great service as usual. Fastest shaping in the archery world!
    Joseph Quinn

    Great arrows

    Fast shipping great customer service
    Adam Knecht

    Initial testing

    I only had one range session with the 1/2 dozen arrows I purchased last week. So far they have met my expectations. (which were VERY high) Since the initial range trip went well, I ordered another dozen arrows. This will be the "big" test for me. I switched from another all carbon arrow because of inconsistencies in total arrow weight from batch to batch. I'll happily share the results with you when appropriate.
    Jason Chastain

    Just better

    First off I had always used gold tip arrows. A friend told me about black eagle so I thought I would try them and all I got to stay is wow. They shoot faster and straighter. Supper fast shipping also. Thanks will buy more as I am a black eagle customer for now on.
    Logan Hartman

    Carnivore fletched arrows

    I heard about the arrows on the gritty bowman podcast which I'm sure happens often, but naturally I was intrigued. The website was easy to navigate and had all the information I wanted easily available so that made my decision easy. They arrows were shipped very soon after I placed the order and the arrows are performing well from what I can see so far. I will be coming back to black eagle for more arrows in the future.
    Bill Custer


    Great product, fast shipping. Prompt customer service.
    Tony Dollar

    Just got them

    Still gotta get my arrows cut but so far the quality is up to my expectation and the ordering and shipping is by far the easiest and fastest out there I have a bow competition in two weeks and sure my carnivore are going to be my arrow of choice

    Fast delivery

    Arrows arrived sooner than expected and shoot great.
    Matthew Kirk

    Great Arrows! Fly Straight

    Good quality arrows at a decent price. Buying direct was good too. Arrows shipped quickly and were on my doorstep within two days of ordering.
    Logan Orrick

    Great company!

    I love the Carnivor arrows I purchased. Great costumer service, and very fast shipping!
    Curtis Brummett

    Very consistant

    They are everything that the website said they would be. Very consistant!
    Randall Thompson

    5 stars

    Really good and tough product, missed a couple targets stuck into a 2x4 holding target but came out with tip and insert still in tact no damage to arrow at all. Thanks for a good product.


    Order was shipped same day! Very good quality on carnivore and zombie slayer arrows both have amazing penetration and consistency! Also would like to say thank you for the sponsorship you have provided out team with! Nocked Up Addiction Tv Prostaff-Colby Petty
    george spencer


    Quality is obvious. Shoot and group well
    Rob Bates


    Best arrows I've ever shot
    Matthew Kirk

    Great Arrows!

    Bought direct from Black Eagle. Shipping was super fast and the arrows are great. The closest dealer to me is an hour away so I like being able to order directly and then go to a shop to get them cut.
    Brian McFaddin

    Great hunting arrows

    Used carnivores for 3 years now, just hands down hard to beat!
    Robert Leibhart


    Awesome arrows...just the same as every other product offered by Black Eagle. GREAT COMPANY!!!!!
    Mike Coffman

    Carnivore fletcher arrows

    Really like the carnivore getting good grouping and penetration in 3D targets can't wait to try them out on turkeys next month. Been shooting Black eagle arrows several years now and recommend to all my friends.
    Franklin Baker

    Carnivore fletched arrows

    Just as expected black eagle doesn't disappoint. Top quality my only disappointment was I asked to be cut to length but I guess they don't do this not something that will prevent me from ordering again. Shipped within an hour from ordering and arrived within two days .
    Christopher Jonet


    my customers absolutely love your arrows. the customer service that you provide me is outstanding as well.
    J. Smith/Lockdown Archery

    Great arrows

    These are great arrows only issue I've had getting these for customers is some of the fletching are bent over had 3 in the last order bent over. If it wasn't for that they'd be 5 star.
    Matt McSwain


    I have never received anything but perfection fromy these guys.
    Gilmore Birklund

    Absolutely outstanding products

    Dear Sir, We are a family of archery enthusiasts and hunters. I recently bought Black Eagle Carnivore and Outlaw arrows for myself and my two sons. They are simply exceptional in every way. Fast, accurate and durable. These arrows easily outperform any other brand we have tried in the past. Thank you for making such a high quality and affordable product. Well done Black Eagle. Warm regards, GNB
    Rich McWhirter

    Carnivore Fletched Arrows

    Super Fast & Straight flying !!
    Brad Pack

    Great arrows!!!

    I have used these arrows for about two years now, and harvested several deer with them. I have yet to break one and they fly as good or better than anything else I have tired.
    Michael Esch


    Most consistant arrows and great customer service
    Fernando Semiao

    Carnivore Arrows

    These arrows are an excellent choice for both target shooting and as a hunting arrow. I have been successful on numerous big game animals.
    Isaac Rickel


    I have been shooting these arrows now for a couple of years. My groups have tightened on target at close distances and my efective range has increased out to eighty yards. I have taken six large game animals with the Carnivore since I began shooting them. Thanks Black eagle for a great product. Isaac Rickel
    cullen davis

    Great Arrows

    Shoot great and speed is amazing.
    Allan Gunter

    Carnivore Arrows

    We've been selling the Carnivores for a little over a year now. The tolerances are fantastic, and to find a comparable arrow from any other manufacturer would cost alot more.
    Todd Stultz

    Awesome arrows!!!!!!

    If I could put however many stars I'd put in infinity stars on how good arrows treat me! It shoots straight and perfect!!
    john nickell

    Carnivore and Challengers

    Excellent arrows, no flight issues at all, also had purchased some Challengers, bare shaft flight was phenomenal, keep up the good work guys, fast service too.
    Brian McFaddin aka B and B Archery Shop

    Great Hunting Arrows

    Best all around hunting arrows, hands down!!!!
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