Carnivore, Outlaw, Zombie Slayer, Vintage Screw-In Brass Insert Weight
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Black Eagle Arrows

Talon, Carnivore, Outlaw, Zombie Slayer, Vintage Screw-In Brass Insert Weight


Quantity per pack is 1 Dozen

These screw-in brass weights fit Carnivore, Outlaw, Zombie Slayer, Vintage inserts. These weights are for fine adjustments available in 30, 50, and 75 grains and are stackable for those looking to maximize F.O.C.

*Loctite Purple or Blue recommended*

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    Quantity per pack is 1 Dozen

    These screw-in brass weights fit Carnivore, Outlaw, Zombie Slayer, Vintage inserts. These weights are for fine adjustments available in 30, 50, and 75 grains and are stackable for those looking to maximize F.O.C.

    *Loctite Purple or Blue recommended*

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    Brass screw in weights

    Always a good build quality from BlackEagle. Like that the screw in ability allows me to play with FOC and get desired outcomes
    Jeffrey T Vogel

    Brass inserts = maximum flexibility

    Currently testing Zombie Slayer arrows with inserts to maximize F.O.C.. Fell into light/fast arrow trap and lost 1st deer in 12 years with non pass through at 20 yards. Love these inserts!!! Current winner is 503 grain Zombie Slayer with 19.2 F.O.C.. Without these inserts these combinations wouldn't be possible. Thank you Black Eagle...also a HUGE Darton fan!!!

    Simple Weight System

    These weights provide a simple system to adjust your front arrow weight and FOC. They screw in to the back of the insert. If you use their weight screw in tool ($13) it is super simple to insert the weight from the nock end and screw into the back of the standard insert. I did not weigh each weight to verify that they are exact but they would be easy to grind down a hair if one weight was too heavy. These helped me build a slightly heavier arrow. The 50gr dropped my arrow speed by 10fps, and the 75gr dropped it 20fps from my base arrows but they definitely sound like they are heavier hitting the target.
    mitch cole

    Excellent service and products!!!

    Wit these weights and nocks I can get 6packs of zombie slayer and executioner bolts to 0.04 grains of each other. Best shooting bolts on the market. Thanks
    mitch cole

    75 grain weight

    These worked out well matching up the new bee’s to my zombies. Thanks
    Clayton Duvall

    Customer review

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    Joseph G

    Zombie slayer screw in brass

    Very good product screwed in to my 14 grain aluminum BKE INSERT with black eagle wrench WITH NO PROBLEM 30 grain brass !!!!

    Perfect weights!!

    Just what I was expecting.
    Hunter Pardue

    Great product

    The weights were super easy to install, all were within .5 grains of one another. Great for achieving a higher FOC without spending a ton of money.
    Wyo PoBo


    Excellent insert.
    Adam Musich


    Tried to cancel my order before it was shipped with no reply. Tried to call 5 different times. Left a voicemail with no call back. No reply to emails either. Very disappointed.
    Joseph Huss

    Zombie slayer accessories

    Working towards arrows I will order the arrows through dealer

    Customer review

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    Delivered better than promised

    Product was delivered sooner than expected. Thank you.
    Thomas Bair

    Customer review

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    Joe Huss

    Zombie Slayer weighted inserts

    They will be great in new arrows I already use them in my arrows now.

    Great as usual

    Best arrows and components available for the money hands down. Shipping always within 5 days from Georgia to Hawaii! No brainer to order from BE.
    Sean Reece

    Customer review

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    Dev Dew

    Insert weights

    All 12 of the weights were plus or minus .1 grains 30. Essential items for micro tuning your arrows!
    John Sullivan

    Brass weights

    Weights work well
    Seth H

    Great product

    Great product
    Christopher Rogers

    Great products

    Shot the same shaft to take 4 deer last season and the only reason I’ve had any to break is because they shoot too consistently. Many of my accord have been damaged when a following arrow struck the nock. Very durable and dependable. The weight tool works flawlessly as do the weights and the system allows for arrow tuning with ease. I would recommend black eagle to anyone experienced or otherwise as a bow hunter.
    Richard Miller

    Brass Insert Weights

    Used them to tune my Outlaw Feather Fletched arrows and they worked perfectly.
    Dustin Easterly

    Customer review

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    Joe Coughlin

    Fast Shipping/Great Product

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    Peter Sibello

    Customer review

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    Christopher Rogers

    Works as advertised

    I purchased these weights to begin experimenting with foc and they worked well. I was able to add weights to build multiple arrows to test in minutes and quickly found the right balance.
    Clay Kummer

    Brass inserts

    Good components for my carnivore arrows. I weighed them out of curiosity on my scale, and all of them read out to be 48 grains. Ordered 50 grains but I'm sure that 2 grains might have been my scale but didnt matter to me at all they since they were consistent weights.
    Jeremiah Dehnert

    Great quality but wrench don’t fit

    Weights worked great but the tool I got didn’t fit the 75 grain weights. I stacked a 50 grain on top anyways and my arrows fly great. Badass product and timely delivery
    Daniel Burch

    Customer review

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    Dean Smith

    Brass insert

    Great deal on brass inserts... I will be ordering again soon.
    Gretchen Pruett

    Great product!!!

    These do not fit 100 gr. Glue in/ adjustable for ps23. It was my mistake when ordering.
    Ryan Pinnick

    Great product terrible shipping

    I’m sure the product is great because everything else that I own from Black Eagle is fantastic. I can’t give an honest review today because I’m still waiting after a week for it to show up. When it shows up finally I’ll give a review of the product itself.
    Michael Crawford

    great product

    worked perfectly to keep my arrows with my broadhead setup at the same weight as my practice arrows with my field points.
    Gregory Brumett

    50 grain brass inserts

    Fast shipping, the inserts work great.
    Dev Dew

    Insert weights

    Typical black eagle! Great stuff this system makes us tinkering types super happy! And can’t complain about shipping, ordered super early in the morning on the 3rd of June, and it arrived to my doorstep in HAWAII on the 5th!!!! I’ve shot black eagle for years and I don’t plan on stopping, great company.
    David Stephens

    Brass weights

    Ordered these to add some extra weight to my vintage arrows. Easy to install and work great to adjust FOC!
    Jason Powell

    Customer review

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    Jim Duncan

    Customer review

    Parts arrived and look as expected,delivery was quick.
    Daniel Vilorio

    Great customer service and fast shipping

    Amazing product

    Customer review

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    Jimmy Jackson

    Top notch

    Quick shipping and excellent customer service. Fly like darts too. Very satisfied.
    Brian Flanagan

    Customer review

    Great service had what I needed and shipped fast

    Quality products and service as always

    Black Eagle always delivers products in a timely manner, usually no more than a few days.
    Steven Cuttitta

    Customer review

    Quality components shipped fast! Thanks

    Work great!!

    Weights work great and shipped fast. Will order again.
    Jared Husband

    Customer review

    Great arrows at a great price
    Jack Buendgen

    Customer review

    Very consistent weights
    Corey Comeaux

    Customer review

    perfect fit in arrow shaft and back threads, good all the way

    Customer review

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    Aaron Luning

    Fast shipping to Hawaii

    Very impressed with how fast I got my order her on the Big island of Hawaii. To me the best arrows I shoot the carnivore arrows and pass through animals at 40 yards and the arrows hit lava rock and don’t break. Had a problem with gold tips breaking on me.
    Suburban Survivor

    Great product fast shipping

    Great for tuning my overspend arrows, extra doc never hurts either. With a 100 gr. And a 125 gr. Point and these inserts you can adjust your arrow weight in 25 grain increments all over the place.
    Zach Dahl

    Love them

    Bought the same ones for my arrows and now for my wife’s, they’re great.
    Jensen Yang

    Customer review

    Screw in weights were awesome. Made my arrows balanced and packed with a punch.
    Benjamin Taylor

    Customer review

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    Lucas Gunther

    Customer review

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    Curtis Watkins

    Great service

    My order arrived on time and exactly as described.
    Mike Stelzner

    Brass inserts

    Arrows and inserts have been great a well as fast shipping!
    Zach Dahl

    Fast service

    I have not shot the arrows yet, so I can’t speak to the quality of the products in flight. But the service in getting them was super fast. I’m 100% happy with the ordering experience.

    Customer review

    weights are consistent in diameter and weight grat way to up the foc on an arrow
    Jeremiah McNutt

    Great for fine tuning your arrows

    For those of you needing to get more FOC to fine toon your arrows for traditional shooting or even compound arrow tuning. These brass inserts are tapped on the back so you can stack these. I found that with just a 50gr thread in tip insert my arrows tuned bare shaft well with 100 gr tips. However I did cut my 400 spine arrows down to 32" and am running them out at 64 pound recurve. They started a little stiff so by adding weight up front I was able to toon them perfectly.
    Mike Hammonds


    Order came in on time.
    Rustin Nobinger

    Tight Tolerances

    Got everything in and put em on the scale. everything was within 1gr and fit snugly into the shafts.
    Keith Young

    Awesome products

    Sick of getting Robin hoods and ruining arrows so the pin bushings are great. Also wanted to make my hunting arrow heavier so the brass inserts put my zombie slayer arrows right where I wanted to be. The weight are for my Outlaw arrows that I had for a lighter set up and now they are very comparable in weight. Black Eagle Archery the only equipment I ever recommend to any one who asks.
    bud batty

    Brass inserts

    Nice and easy to install way to get FOC
    Eric "Big Chief" Gilbert

    Brass is great for weight

    Great machine work, everything fit, tolerences are tight.
    peter janos


    Well made super fit

    Good fit

    Good fit on these brass inserts makes them a great option for adding mass weight and building FOC!
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