Rampage and Renegade Screw-In Brass Insert Weight
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Black Eagle Arrows

Rampage and Renegade Screw-In Brass Insert Weight


Quantity per pack 12

These screw-in brass weights fit our Rampage and renegade threaded Half-Outs. These weights are for fine adjustments available in 30, 50, and 75 grains and are stackable for those looking to maximize F.O.C.

*Loctite Purple or Blue recommended*

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    Quantity per pack 12

    These screw-in brass weights fit our Rampage and renegade threaded Half-Outs. These weights are for fine adjustments available in 30, 50, and 75 grains and are stackable for those looking to maximize F.O.C.

    *Loctite Purple or Blue recommended*

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    You asked for a review

    I can't review anything but the speed of your shipping because it's been 8 days and the tracking info stills says in transit. So since you asked, I can't say anything great thus far.

    Brass Weights

    I use these in addition to 50 grain half-outs and 100 grain broadheads. It makes for a higher FOC arrow build, and works as expected!

    Great product

    Thanks to black eagle product support for making it easy to pick out what weights fit my spartan arrows.
    Joshua Cassell

    Rampage inserts

    Worked like a charm in my set up.

    Insert weight (75gr)

    works great with top hat insert. Gives me high foc and good total arrow weight. I have been using this setup for years for both my traditional and compound bows.
    Barry Lindenburger

    Arrow weights

    Work as they should. Simple to install with the proper extended allen wrench.

    Easy way to tinker with FOC

    Very easy to use these to adjust arrow weight on the fly. I like that they are stackable and you just need to remove the nock to install (at least when using Spartans). After applying some blue thread locker I have not had them come loose.
    Chad S Smith

    Brass inserts and weights

    Haven't received them yet to comment on them.
    jake sikes

    Customer review

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    Clayton Duvall

    Customer review

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    Christian Mullins

    renegade shafts and foc weights

    250spine renegae shaft 50gr halfout with two 75gr brass weights and a 4 fletch tac driver vane config. 100gr swhacker razor 252 660gr total weight. these thing fly like a dream, i will be a black eagle customer for the rest of my life, the make a great product and all 6 of my shafts had less that .003 runout and they are sold as .005 straightness, i havent had to use their customer service yet but i hear its top notch. if you buy from them you wont be disappointed
    Jacob Vernon

    Asset to tuning your arrows

    These are an absolute necessity for foc tuning and black eagle has the best system there is!
    Corey Grantham

    Customer review

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    Customer review

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    Paul Shumate

    Brass insert weight

    These brass inserts are the way to go when you want to add just a little xtra weight up front . Easy to put in as long as you have the insert tool from Black eagle!! Fantastic product
    Kincaid Jones

    Customer review

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    Great way to make adjustments and experiment.
    George Morrell

    Rampage arrow inserts

    Accurate weight dead on! Thanks
    Aaron Battisti

    Great way the add foc

    This is a great way the add foc to arrow that you already own.
    Michael Dotson

    Adding weight

    Quality products
    George Morrell

    Customer review

    All inserts weighed the same!
    Michael Dotson

    Brass weight

    Worked perfectly just what i needed to get the weight i wanted
    Jacob Lutz

    Customer review

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    Kevin North


    These inserts are awesome! BEST arrows and components available for the money hands down. Shipping was fast and accurate!!! Great people to work with. I highly recommend Black Eagle products! ~Keep it Real!
    Robb Lemp

    Brass weight inserts

    I love it that I can go on your website and click on Renegade arrow and get all the components for that specific arrow!!! I have bought black Eagle arrows now for the last 2 seasons off Amazon only because of the ease of it, after ordering these weights off your web site, which was quick and easy, I will be ordering directly, thanks for putting the customer first! God Bless Robb
    Brian yoder

    Customer review

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    Rick Zwayer

    Customer review

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    Greg Glazer

    Great upgrade

    I use these on all my arrow builds . Perfect for getting the FOC needed for a harder impacting more accurate arrow . Must have if you are shooting a lower draw weight (currently shooting 60# 29in draw )
    Dustin Landers

    Brass wieghts

    Very nice product and fast shipping
    Christopher Arnold

    Quality product, quick delivery

    The whole experience was easy and quick. The product is exactly what I was looking for.
    Robert Valentine

    Screw in brass weights

    I used the 30 grain weights to counter the weight of my lighted nocks. They did exactly what I wanted. I recommend them to anyone shooting lighted nocks to keep your FOC.
    Eric Weaver

    Screw in weights

    I’m pleased with these weights do what I need to increase FOC.
    Ryan Quinnell

    Black eagle inserts

    Amazing! Perfect fit and extremely well-made and package. Made a dozen black eagle rampages and they fly like darts! Will be killing plenty of deer with these this fall!
    James Hoffmann

    Quality product

    Quality product. Got my overall arrow weight and foc up where I want it for my idaho elk hunt.
    Don Jackson

    Rampage Arrows

    These are the best arrows I have used in many years. The shipping is lightning quick and customer service is the best period.
    curtis brown

    work great

    best way to tune arrows
    Joseph Piedra

    Great product

    Screw in inserts to increase arrow weight. Worked great. Shipping was fast product was sent in good package.
    Douglas Marker

    Great products

    All my Black Eagle products have been great and these are no exception. Recommend
    Phillip Wilson

    Rampage weighs and tool

    everything was perfect and shipping was fast!
    lance shaw

    Fit my rampage great

    very fast shipping, super easy way to change point weight, remember to buy your tool

    Quality products

    The BE weight system is extremely easy to apply and service is always great. Thank you!
    John B

    Great Product

    Love this product. Allows you to precisely set your FOC and test different weights. Easy installation and extremely high quality control.

    Renegade 30grn brass inserts

    Everything arrived early! Great products
    zach weddle

    Great product fast shipping.

    Quick and easy. Great product. Awesome arrows.
    Luke Hallsten

    Good product, fast shipping.

    Used two 50gr weights in Spartan shafts. Using the rampage/renegade weights allows you to insert them into the shaft from the nock side after inserts have been installed. One recommendation would be to use LocTite blue on threads into insert and on threads between weights if using multiple weights threaded together to keep them from coming loose inside the shaft. Good product, and was shipped the day after ordering.
    Michael Andersen

    Shipping issues

    Ordered something previously and got charged $6 for shipping which came in a 3ft tube then ordered something that came in an envelope and got charged $9 for shipping. Makes no sense l, try to buy elsewhere.
    Steve Ballew

    Awsome product

    Review body is empty
    Kincaid Jones

    Customer review

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    Steve Ballew

    Awsome product, awsome service

    Perfect for dialing in my FOC, they work perfect for the rampage half outs
    Adam Carter

    Customer review

    These 75 grain brass inserts are an excellent way to increase overall arrow weight and FOC. The inserts are very easy to install on to the back of the half-out insert when building arrows. Great customer service as well. I had the inserts in hand three days after ordering.
    Anthony Rowe

    Brass Weight Rampage Half Out insert

    The brass screw in system is simple and works for fine tuning forward of center in arrow builds. I will continue to use this platform.
    Rodney Putman

    Customer review

    Simple enough. Delivery time was good. Ordered arrow weights and everything worked. Thank you.
    Zachary Glover

    Never received

    Never received this item and have had no success contacting this company by phone or via email
    Zach hauptman

    Customer review

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    Timothy Tate

    Renegade Components

    Absolutely amazed at how tight the tolerance level is. Perfect and flawless installation!
    Carl Phillips

    Customer review

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    Shannon M Bush


    I Love using the screw in weights to adjust my foc making it so I can use different broadhead weights and accomplish similar results.
    John W Zimmerman

    Screw in brass inserts for Rampage

    If your looking for a cost effective high FOC arrow look no further. These fly like darts!
    Matthew Bryant

    Insert Weight

    I'm admittedly a little bit of a nut when it comes to the details.. I researched as much as I could about accurizing and building arrows as I could find, did a bunch of experimentation with fletching, FOC, various arrow weights, spine alignment and nock tuning. Wound up going with a .300 spine rampage, with a 50 grain screw in brass insert weight, a 50 grain stainless steel half out, 7 inch bohning white wraps, bhoning heat vanes in a 3 flectch left helical configuration. This setup on my Bowtech SS @ 70#'s with a 29 inch draw length is crazy accurate. I can't shoot at the same spot on my target or I will split arrows. I split one tonight all the way to the insert, and center punched the nock onto my field tip so squarely that I had to use a pair of vice grips to remove it from the field tip.
    Kurt Mayes

    30 grain rampage brass insert weights

    Couldn’t be happier. I want to stay around the 510 grain arrow weight, I’ve been shooting 125 grain broadheads but they are getting fewer and fewer of them. So I decided to switch back to 100 grain heads and add these weights to keep my weight up and also increase foc. Thanks for the great products.
    Kyle Hanson

    Rampage Brass weight system

    My favorite part about black eagle arrows systems are the variety of components. The brass weights and weight installation tool are a must. I like having the ability to install the insert without the brass and add or remove afterwards.
    Thomas Dugay

    Amazing stix

    Always a pleasant experience dealing with my favorite company for arrows as always you make the best variety with the best quality out there. Can never say enough good things about your customer service or how fast yall get stuff taken care of.

    Rampage 30g brass inserts

    These brass inserts work great to find the perfect amount of weight needed to get the maximum FOC and still fly straight. It's a very simple way to tinker with weight using the weight adjustment tool as well.
    Clark Tyson


    Great and easy way to add FOC weight to my arrows. These worked great and were super easy to install with the weight tool. A++++ for this product and another homerun for black eagle!
    Justin Biggs

    Customer review

    Everything Black Eagle is amazing
    Mike Spray

    Customer review

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    Steve Wood

    Customer review

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    Robert Waszak

    Rampage 50 gn point weights

    Used these for my recently purchased Spartan arrows that i felt needed more F.O.C. after fletching them. Very easy to install. As long as you purchase the installation tool. Seemed to be pretty close after weighing them on scale. Wished local shops would carry them.
    Matthew Rivard

    Customer review

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    Chad Gillaspie


    These are a perfect fit for Black Eagles...


    Did what I needed it to do. FOC to 23%.
    Nate Sims

    Customer review

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    Reece Biel

    As advertised

    Great system
    Matthew Rivard

    Customer review

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    Customer review

    ordered 50 grain weights and everyone weighed exactly 50 grains. Excellent quality control.
    R Johnson

    Great product

    Helped me get my FOC up to where I wanted it.
    Ryan Courtright


    Just what I was needing.
    Troy Fowler

    Customer review

    Excellent fast service.
    Shannon M Bush

    Brass insert weights

    Excellent tolerances and ease of use. Great for adjusting FOC! I will definitely b ordering more as needed!
    George Gott

    Customer review

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    Chris Williams

    Rampage brass inserts for spartan shafts

    Three of the twelve 50 grain weights wouldn’t thread into the inserts. One insert detached at some point between the shot and removal from the target. That’s a 33% failure rate. I used loctite on the threads of the weight that detached during the shot. Disappointed.. and after my complaint I was just sent a review form and not 4 new weights like I would send someone with the same complaint. Website says to use these with spartan shafts if you want to be able to add/subtract weight through nock end.
    Anthony gagliardo

    Brass inserts and tool

    They came faster than expected, and super easy to install. And they shoot great

    ordered weights for arrows

    Only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because of the shipping price. 2 packages of arrow weights smaller than a standard envelope costs $9.00 to ship?
    Kelly Guidry

    Customer review

    These fit perfectly! Very simple install.

    Screw in weights

    Purchased for use with Spartan arrows after inserts were installed. Thread in easily from nock end with the long wrench, sold separately. Multiple options are now available to me for fine tuning arrow weight, FOC, and broadheads. Only had them a couple weeks, but seem good so far.
    Joshua Lefevers

    Customer review

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    Seth Poston

    Nice Product and Fast Shipping

    I am pleased with your product, The shipping was fast. I believe the value proposition for the weights is a little high and I would consider buying additional weights of varying sizes if they were more economical.
    Nicholas Craig

    Customer review

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    Russel Tyler

    Customer review

    These should be a nice fit for the Renegades.
    Taylor Hakes

    Fast and Ethical

    I ordered insert weights and forgot to get the wrench and had to place a second order. They both came super fast and the shipping cost of the wrench was refunded by the time I received the merchandise.
    Brad Amerson

    rampage arrows

    The order arrived faster than expected. Will order again soon
    Andrew Harmsen

    Customer review

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    I have yet to try the inserts out and figure out which weight I need to have in the front of my arrow to increase my FOC. But, I do enjoy the fact that I can take 100gr broadheads, and just add a 30gr insert through the back end and now I'm still getting good FOC and kinetic energy and didn't have to buy new broadheads
    Derik Still

    Rampage brass weights

    All weights were identical. All weighed exactly the same weight. This allows precise weighting of the arrows to achieve the foc and total arrow weight needed for every archers needs.
    Jeremy Kellogg

    Customer review

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    John Snead

    Great weights

    Weights fit tight and don't loosen
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