Black Eagle Arrows

Deep Impact FOCOS Replacements

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Front Of Center Outsert Replacements (Patent#US10203185)

Quantity per pack 12

Our Incredibly Popular New Front Of Center Outsert System is designed for those that want more weight upfront and ease of use of Outserts. The F.O.C.O.S Replacements is made of 2 parts. One is the black anodized 7075 T6 aluminum alloy outsert or Stainless Steel Option. The second part is the 3/32 allen head retention screw that allows for the Outserts to either be screwed or screwed and glued.(Not Tattooed) This system has been tested to over 550 Pounds per square inch of pull and they stay on! If you are looking for maximum penetration, Maximum F.O.C and shot after shot performance then the deadly combination of the Deep Impact, Instinct or X-Impact shafts then the F.O.C.O.S are sure to be a hit!
12 FOCOS Outserts
12 Set Screws
The Deep Impact Outsert Replacement Weights are a Follows:

43 Grains +/- a grain depending on OD of arrow

84 Grains +/- a grain depending on OD of arrow
          To install the F.O.C.O.S Replacement Outsert

.                                Remove Old Outsert by loosening set screw

        1. Install new Outsert with New Set Screw Loctite Purple or Blue recommended
    • The Outserts are the same weight as the 3 part F.O.C.O.S system Minus the Post
    • Includes 8 grain set screw

5 Reviews

  • 5
    Deep Impact FOCO replacements

    Posted by Ronnie Dowling on Mar 25th 2022

    I have used these with the X-impacts and was satisfied once I learned you have to use epoxy and not insert glue to put them on or they will come off in the target. I almost quit using your arrows because of this problem.

  • 5
    Black eagle replacement 350 deep impact outserts

    Posted by Mike koker on Feb 2nd 2022

    Needed to replace a cracked head on my insert screw so decided to get a dozen and have extra outserts and screws.

  • 3
    Steel Vs. Aluminum focos outserts and inserts.

    Posted by Evan Jones on Jul 5th 2021

    This is my experience with the focos pieces-please feel free to let me know if other's have seen/experienced the same. I have seen youtube videos that corroborate. I love the low profile shape of the steel outsert and the lightweight of the aluminum insert. The problem: both break. the aluminum insert is too weak, and for some reason the steel outsert has a tendency to crack at the bottom. Too thin there? Or could you use a stronger steel? of course, if you did, there would still be a problem with the aluminum inserts breaking so I find myself having to use the aluminum outsert and steel insert and it may be the best/strongest combo without being crazy heavy. However, could you make the aluminum outserts less bulky/chunky at all?

  • 5
    Great replacement parts

    Posted by phil madonna on Jan 9th 2021

    Great to have extras on hand. Fit is perfect, just as original.

  • 5
    Deep Impact FOCOS Replacements

    Posted by anonymous on Jul 12th 2020

    Product fit perfectly.