If you're looking for an arrow that's bad to the bone, look no further than the X-Impact! We constructed the X-Impact from the highest quality carbon fiber to ensure it's the best Nano diameter shaft on the market. This shaft is made of 100% High-Mod Carbon, which means it's our lightest shaft available to date; this allows for more point weight up front, equating to better flight characteristics and long range pin-point accuracy.

From the fields of Africa to podium finishes all over the world the X-Impact has become a favorite with hunters and target archers alike.

To see what spine is best for you click here. (Arrow Spine Chart) For Arrow Safety Click here. (Arrow Safety)

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  • X-Impact Shafts

    X-Impact Shafts

    ULTRA FAST PREMIUM HUNTING / TARGET SHAFTS Quantity per pack 12   OUTSERTS INCLUDED with 200-500 Spines 15 SERIES | 4MM | MICRO DIAMETER 100% High MOD CARBON X-Impact Shafts, the ultimate choice for archers seeking precision and reliability. These...

    $204.99 - $215.99
  • X-Impact Fletched Arrows

    X-Impact Fletched Arrows

    ULTRA FAST PREMIUM HUNTING / TARGET FLETCHED ARROWS Sold in 6 Packs With OUTSERTS INCLUDED 15 SERIES | 4MM | MICRO DIAMETER 100% High MOD CARBON Introducing the X-Impact Fletched Arrows, the ultimate choice for archery enthusiasts. These...

    $116.99 - $124.99
2 of 2 Items