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X-Impact Front Of Center Outsert System F.O.C.O.S (Patented)

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Front Of Center Outsert System (Patent#US10203185)

Quantity per pack 12

Introducing the X-Impact Front Of Center Outsert System F.O.C.O.S (Patented) by Black Eagle. This revolutionary product is designed to enhance the performance of your arrow components. Made with high-quality materials like stainless steel and 7075 T6 aluminum, it offers unmatched durability and strength. Elevate your archery game with the X-Impact Front Of Center Outsert System F.O.C.O.S (Patented) by Black Eagle.

 The F.O.C.O.S is made of 3 parts. One is the black anodized 7075 T6 aluminum alloy outsert or Stainless Steel Option. Two is a Stainless steel Retention post In The Aluminum Outsert Model and Aluminum in the Stainless Steel Outsert Model that also acts as a footer inside the shaft. The third part is the 3/32 allen head retention screw that allows for the Outserts to either be screwed or screwed and glued.(Not Tattooed) This system has been tested to over 550 Pounds per square inch of pull and they stay on! If you are looking for maximum penetration, Maximum F.O.C and shot after shot performance then the deadly combination of the Deep Impact, Instinct or X-Impact shafts then the F.O.C.O.S are sure to be a hit!

Insertion Depth of Arrow in Outsert is .610 almost 5/8"
Outsert adds Approximately 1.090" to end of the Arrow

The Deep Impact & X-Impact Outsert Weights are a Follows:


          To install the F.O.C.O.S System


        1. Select the right outsert for the right shaft.
        2. Glue in Stainless steel retention Post
        3. Dry fitting is recommended on all components. Slide Outserts over shaft and spin test (if you prefer)
        4. If Outserts does not fit that is OK. Get some 100 Grit sand paper and lightly sand the shaft in a circular motion until the outsert fits fairly snug on shaft. Start slowly so you don't remove to much off the arrow.
        5. You should have approximately 3/4 of an inch insertion on Aluminum Outserts
        6. Wipe dust off of the shaft with Clean paper towel. (No Cleaners are recommended)
        7. Again, Spin test to ensure concentricity.
        8. Use a Silver or Black Sharpie and mark the Shaft and the Outsert for perfect alignment
        9. Slide outsert over shaft and use the 3/32 Head retention Screw and Lock the Outsert in place!
        10. If using glue See steps 11-15 .
        11. We have tested Our fletching glue, insert/outsert glue and epoxy and all of them work great.
        12. Apply a even amount of glue around the shaft to ensure you get enough glue in them to hold.
        13. Slide Outsert On shaft rotating to make sure Glue/Epoxy is evenly dispersed
        14. Use the 3/32 Head retention Screw and Lock the Outsert in place!
        15. Once The outsert is glued on Screw is installed stand the arrow on the nock end to dry.

43 Reviews

  • 5
    FOCOS for xImpact

    Posted by Mike Hottinger on Dec 12th 2023

    The FOCOS system has served me so well in the field and on the range.

  • 5

    Posted by JT on Mar 28th 2023

    This set up is super sweet!!

  • 5
    X-impact arrows and insert/outsert system

    Posted by Cory on Mar 11th 2023

    Love Black Eagle Arrows products. They take pride in what they do and their product speaks for itself. Best arrows on the market.

  • 5

    Posted by Blaise on Feb 15th 2023

    Great system. Only problem is if you don’t sand the insert and arrow before putting the collar on the collar can crack easily.

  • 5

    Posted by @the_huntingcrew on Dec 21st 2022

    These arrows are are great easy to tune and they hit hard. The focus system is great where you can adjust the broadheads to face however you want them to face for better flight. Highly recommended

  • 5
    NEW FOCOS Insert/Outset System

    Posted by Jonathan Hagen on Jun 15th 2022

    Very impressed by this new system. The ease of use and tunability is astounding. I like not having to glue the sleeve on the arrow and being able to clock your broadhead to where every you would like for consistency. You can get every arrow to spin true before locking the sleeve down without having to worry about your hardening glue timeclock. Arrow building/tuning just got easier. Thanks Black Eagle.

  • 3
    300 Impact arrows

    Posted by Bradley Williams on May 17th 2022

    4 out of 12 arrows wasn’t in spec. Which is average of any company I have used. I probably wouldn’t spend that much again.

  • 4
    X-impacts FOCUS

    Posted by James Thompson on May 3rd 2022

    The insert is glued in. The outsert is screwed to the insert but at every impact the outsert comes loose. Had to use a little wax to keep it from coming loose. Other than that I really like this product

  • 5
    Focus System

    Posted by Pete Garza on Apr 14th 2022

    I watched a video on the this system and wanted to try out but will say this about it, very solid system for x-impact arrows and will continue to buy it with my arrows.

  • 5
    The only way to go

    Posted by Garret on Mar 28th 2022

    I shoot a 75lb, 27.5” Mathews V3X 29. I also studied Physics in college. Based on my math, and extensive research, Black Eagle X-Impact arrows with F.O.C.O.S. are the only way to go.

  • 5
    Best Micro Diameter insert and Arrows

    Posted by LARS CARLSON on Mar 15th 2022

    I used them on my X-impacts all last season. The slightly larger diameter of the insert assist in pennitrating my targets, and 3 clean pass through last season. Everything was well balanced and flat finished. Called tech support last year as well, and discussed with the owner about perfectly matching spines to my bow. 4mm Axis failed on me last year, and went with this system, and am sticking with Black Eagle due to consistency and accuracy. All in all awesome system, with great customer service

  • 5
    x impact arrows

    Posted by Jess Tomac on Feb 24th 2022

    Arrows seem to fly good and the straightness is good. Outserts that come with arrows would not stay glued on. Tried several times to re-glue and after awhile they would break lose. So I upgraded and bought the FOC insert system (aluminum to keep FOC similar). Not happy with the machining on the threaded part, some of the holes are not centered. Overall good arrow.